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This app is currently designed as a companion to the open eclass site and not as a standalone alternative!

I started developing this app as a university student to help myself and other students stay in touch with their university.

Similar apps do exist but they don’t work with every university that uses open eclass. This is because they use the Mobile API provided by open eclass but many universities don’t support that feature.

The app is going to be available for Windows and Android devices. There are plans for MacOS and Linux support but not iOS.



Downloads are not yet available to the public. The app is still being tested and more universities are being implemented.

Currently Supported Universities

University Site Contributor
UOWM Dimitris Gkoumas
TUC Lefteris Kalamaras
UOA Giorgos Nikolaidis

Become a tester

I am currently in need of testers for each Greek university that uses open eclass. If you would like to help, feel free to send me an email including the following information:

Your Name, your University, your Testing Device (Windows/Android) and preferably a Discord username for easy communication.

Before sending me an email, please check the supported universities above to see if your university is already supported.

Contact Info

Name: Dimitris Gkoumas
E-Mail: Personal or Academic